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IO Pulse (Recast and Quarantined)

by San Jaya Prime

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    K. Sabroso: http://ksabroso.com/
    Zitan: http://soundcloud.com/zitanb
    IndustrialDeath: http://soundcloud.com/industrialdeath
    Gaea Phoenix: http://www.systemandromeda.com/
    Maya Ava: http://www.safeconflict.org/
    Sp@rkle: http://www.paulinelee.com/
    BMFD: http://www.discogs.com/artist/BMFD
    Jaya Prime: http://soundcloud.com/jaya-prime




For more music, visit each artist online!

K. Sabroso: ksabroso.com

ZitanB: soundcloud.com/zitanb

IndustrialDeath: soundcloud.com/industrialdeath

Gaea Phoenix: systemandromeda.blogspot.com

Maya Ava: www.safeconflict.org

Sp@rkle: www.paulinelee.com

BMFD: www.discogs.com/artist/BMFD

Jaya Prime: soundcloud.com/jaya-prime


released 18 November 2011




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San Jaya Prime Austin

I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I?

I hitchhike, I make music, and I meddle with things. Frakking love to meddle with sheit! My business is in surprising cops in small towns everywhere with the portable studio in my backpack. You really should see their faces... McPriceless! ... more

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Track Name: Trinity (K. Sabroso's Symphonic Glitchcraft Remix)
There ya go... glitching again!
Track Name: The Witching Wall (Zitan Remix)
"try and live in happiness"
Track Name: The Gathering [Sleep Well] (feat. Gaea Qandromeda)
One-by-one, the lights go out.
The silent leaves have fallen.
Goodnight, sweet Terra--
Daughter of Sol.
Goodnight, sweet Mother.
Sleep well.
Track Name: The 3 Fates at the Witching Wall (feat. Maya Ava, Sp@rkle, and Gaea Phoenix)
All that is
was born in fire,
a million stars
disguised in flesh.
But what is born in fire
must end in ash.